A Movie and a Wine

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“Had She oones Wett Hyr Whystyll She couth Syng full clere Hyr pater noster.”- 1386 Towneley Mysteries

There was Sideways, then Bottleshock. How about French Kiss (a wine movie of sorts), or the classic many people may not know, The Secret of Santa Vitoria. And there was Somm which came out a few years ago showing viewers the intensity (and insanity) of studying to become a Master Sommelier.

Chocolate Almond BiscottiGrab a beverage (we prefer a medium bodied, smooth red wine tonight for dark chocolate almond biscotti), a blanket, light a candle (or three) and get comfy because the sequel is out.

Somm: Into the Bottle, which was previewed in November at the Napa Valley Film Festival is now available on iTunes.

Based on reviews, trailers and blog discussions, this movie peels the capsule away with candid interviews and deep discussion. I’ll bet even those without a nose in wine would find this movie appealing and get a chuckle here and there, especially with Carol Meridith and how she really feels about the industry. (I had the pleasure of taking an online class with her years ago- cut and dry, no fooling around.)

Here’s a short trailer to wet your wine whistle!

A few other documentaries for a chilly night:

Red Obsession

A Year in Champagne

A Year In Burgundy

For those into crunchy sweet goodness, click here for the biscotti recipe. The wine we recently enjoyed with them is Carignanissime De Centeilles, 100% Carignan from the western part of the Languedoc region in the Minervois appellation.


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