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Hi, my name is Lynn and I love savoring the food and wine harvest! My love for, and involvement in both started casually and continues to grow. I find it seriously difficult to pass up wandering the isles of a farmers’ market, or even more these days, hiking through vineyards to a tasting room! (The white and red stripes on the post above signify a GR trail meaning a great hike, or Grande Randonnée in French.)

Our current base is Bordeaux, France, where we landed the autumn of 2016. Moving to another country isn’t necessarily easy, yet it’s extremely stimulating and presents a multitude of ways to immerse oneself in wine and food.

I never stop learning and currently hold the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Advanced Wine and Spirits certification, and am a French Wine Scholar (FWS) and Italian Wine Scholar (IWS) through the Wine Scholar Guild. Most recently, I completed the House of Lustau Certified Sherry Wine Scholar program (CSWS®), also through the Wine Scholar Guild.

Mark is completing a PhD with the French National Institute for Agricultural Research at the Institute des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin (ISVV) in Bordeaux. His research focuses on the drought stress response of different grape vine varieties and how they modify their water use. 

Savor the Harvest is a creative endeavor to share our thirst for adventure and wine. And of course, you have to have food when wine is involved!

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Lynn and Mark

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