Savor the Harvest shares our wine, food, travel, and everyday experiences here in Bordeaux France and beyond.

Our involvement in wine started casually years ago, advanced to part-time jobs (whether paid or volunteering), and is now serious; Mark completed a Masters of Vineyard and Winery Management in 2017 while Lynn continues to pursue wine studies through other channels including the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) and the Wine Scholar Guild.

We landed in Bordeaux by accident! When changing life and career from one you’ve been in for years, we though it made more sense to take an easier route. Let me tell you, picking up your life and moving to another country is not easy. But studying in your mother tongue is- it’s definitely not as intense as trying to learn a language and take classes in that language at the same time. A well suited program geared towards international students presented itself to Mark in Bordeaux and here we are! By the way, we’re learning French too!

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– Lynn and Mark

Joy shared is joy doubled.   – Swedish Proverb