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Gamay Take Two – Meet the Côtes du Forez Appellation

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Verdier-Logel Cotes du Forez La Volcanique

Our local caviste (wine shop owner) knows we prefer looking off the beaten path for interesting wines. I continually search for non-French wine and Martin (pronounced mar-tah, above) continually steers me back to France. Yes his selection of less known French wines is vast and, well, fantastic. So again, our last visit, we left with French wine –  two bottles… Read more »

Malbec Rosé Wine From Cahors

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Combel-la-Serre Cahors Malbec Rosé

Winemaking in Cahors these days is a mixture of tradition, and the newer trend, making lighter, fresher, and less tannic 100% Malbec wines with a balance that highlights location and terroir. Traditional Malbec here can be fantastic, yet the older winemaking methods used usually result in bigger and bolder wines that need time for tannins to mellow out. I enjoy… Read more »

Terroir Rosé on the Rise

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Tavel rosé wine Rosés de Terroirs

From celebrities to top wine producers, it seems everyone has a hand in rosé these days. While Mateus, Lancers, and Sutter Creek turned many people on to rosé in the past, Provence gets accolades for the pale rosé explosion in the 21st century. Yet another style exists beyond the beach and picnic rosés pushed by grand marketing schemes. They are… Read more »

Gascony Surprise: Meet Domaine de Joÿ in Southwest France (#Winophiles)

Domaine de Joÿ Côtes de Gascogne l'Envie

You know the bottle. It was not familiar to me, but from a ‘new to me’ producer, causing a “Hum, I wonder what this is about?” kind of thought. Domaine de Joÿ from Southwest France in Gascony and their L’Envie white wine was that bottle for us. What a delicious surprise! Price: $18 / 15€ French Winophiles Focus On Southwest… Read more »

Appreciating An Ancient Italian Wine Made For Today’s Palate (#ItalianFWT)

Orvieto Classico about

“But why Orvieto?” a wine friend asked when I shared I was heading to taste Orvieto wines. Partly because our Italian Food, Wine, Travel group visits Orvieto this month and also because wineries in Orvieto make much more than the easy quaffing style of the past. I wanted to taste these wines of greater character! Anyone who likes exploring less… Read more »

Going Woodfired with De Bortoli Australian Shiraz #WorldWineTravel

De Bortoli Woodfired Heathcote Shiraz

How about tasting a bottle of De Bortoli Woodfired Shiraz from Healthcote, located in the Australian state of Victoria with us! This area is known for big reds, yet this bottle is smooth and inviting.