Boot Scrapers

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When visiting new places, I seem to pick up on little things.  So walking around town I began to notice what I later learned were mud scrapers next to the entrances of many older buildings.  Called décrottoirs in French, they come in a variety of styles, and I spent the last couple of days taking pictures (and a getting a few strange looks along the way) whenever I encountered an interesting one.

But now (unlike 100 – 200 years ago) the streets are paved and mud isn’t really an issue.  So they’re often neglected or removed.  But I think that’s short-sited, as while mud is not a problem…dog poop certainly is!  Yes, really, the French are famous for just leaving it on the streets and sidewalks (I’ll spare you a picture).  And you learn quickly to watch where you step, but it’s inevitable, there’s always a pile with your name on it.  So voilá as they say, what a perfect way to deal with it …dépooptoirs.

Okay, that’s enough.


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