Cabernet Franc Day – B1ock One From Paradise Rescued

Today is December fourth, the day everyone world-wide celebrates the red wine grape Cabernet Franc! I keep it local sharing one of my favorites from Bordeaux producer Paradise Rescued.

One Hundred Percent Varietal Cabernet Franc in Entres-Deux-Mers

In Bordeaux, France’s largest wine region and also the world’s biggest single and most concentrated vineyard area, you find several of the world’s greatest sweet, and red wines which are mostly blends. The reds include some combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and sometimes Malbec.

In this sea of big, from wines to properties and hearts to egos, you find a small amount of tiny producers. Sixteen percent of Bordeaux wineries have a vineyard area of less than two hectares. One of these wineries is owned by David Stannard and his family at Paradise Rescued.

David sharing information about the 2021 harvest.

Stannard rescued a small vineyard in Cardan, a village not far from Cadillac, near the Gironde river. This area is known to lovers of wine as Entre-Deux-Mers. He bought a plot of what they thought was Merlot, yet turned out to be Cabernet Franc. In order to sustain it as an organically managed high quality vineyard, he purchased the surrounding vineyard, which would have had the vines torn out and the land developed.

This is part of the 0.45 hectare vineyard called Hourcat Sud. Overlooked by a 12th century church to the west (not seen here) and with a gentle, easy draining slope, it was this parcel of land that ignited the passion of the Paradise Rescued project. David’s goal was to protect this rural part of the village from over-development through housing.
It’s a joy to visit this little piece of Bordeaux heaven, just 35 minutes from Bordeaux city. This photo is his newer vineyard, taken on a trip mid-October just after harvest.

The Paradise Rescued Mission: “To protect the Heritage of the beautiful village of Cardan, France, sustain its rural community and to hand produce high quality Organic Wines.” No chemical use since the start. Vineyards are certified organic by EcoCert from 2016 forward. Some biodynamic principles are utilized.

B1ock One Cabernet Franc 2010

On my recent trip, David let me buy one of just a few 2010 B1ock One from his cellar. But don’t fret! More recent vintages are available!

Put your nose in the glass and you’re likely to smell red and black fruits (berries and plums), lilac flowers, pine, forest spice and chocolate hints. Take a sip and who knows what your palate will tell you. Mine said what an elegant, red and black fruited, medium-bodied wine! And the lovely tertiary development, meaning wine maturation- a bit of fig, cinnamon and forest floor. Vibrant acidity balanced by fine and silky tannins and impeccable balance frame this long and soothing wine.

Paradise Rescued also makes a Merlot, Cabernet Franc blend. Another deeply tasty, vibrant wine Mark and I quite enjoy with a variety of foods including duck, roasted vegetable dishes and pizza, to name a few.

Both the Paradise Rescued B1ock One2010 and 2016 won the International Wine Challenge Commendation Award.

About Cabernet Franc Day

Lori Hoyt-Budd established #CabFrancDay to share her love for this grape and the wines made from it world-wide. She and her husband Mike own Dracaena Wines in Paso Robles, California. We cannot wait to taste it our next trip to the States!

Paradise Rescued organic wines are currently available in the EU and Austrailia.

7 thoughts on “Cabernet Franc Day – B1ock One From Paradise Rescued

  1. Allison Wallace

    Absolutely love the concept of ‘rescuing’ a vineyard and particularly love that his wines are also getting rewarded and recognized. Haven’t tried his wines yet but have been following on SM channels. Would love to see David with you two next time we’re in Bordeaux!

    1. Lynn Post author

      David has really done an excellent job. The wines are solid and it’s only a matter of time before one of the smaller importers who focus on sustainable wines pick him up in the States. We’ll definitely take you there!

  2. John

    I saw Block One at Total Wine! I’m a huge Cab Franc fan. But the label kinda turned me off, so I didn’t buy it. Ya know, it was a knee-jerk reaction from a visual I got. The label is such a pivot from traditional labels. I didn’t turn the bottle around to see if his story in there. Perhaps I should have. But… with your essay and thoughtful words, I’ll head back and grab me a bottle. Stay tuned…

    1. Lynn Post author

      Ah darn! Interesting to hear your reaction of the label. For me on the other hand, I want to turn it around and discover. I’m tuned…

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