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AOC Roussillon white winesSalvador Dalí was born, lived and died in France near the capital city of Perpignan in Roussillon, not to be confused with the greater Languedoc-Roussillon. He declared Perpignan’s train station the “center of the universe”. He was onto something, loving the people, food and wine. Smart man, I bet he would toast the French #Winophiles focusing on Roussillon white wines this month!

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My April 2019 visit to Roussillon made a huge impression. Those four days were not enough but sufficient to visit several vignerons and taste numerous wines.

We tasted those vinified in stainless steel and others in new and used oak. Amphorae are common as is aging on the lees. Natural style wines are gaining ground (nothing added accept a minute amount of sulfites if any) as are skin-fermented (amber or orange wines) and petillant-natural styles (Pet-Nat). And I haven’t even mentioned the plethora of rich and unique wines with residual sugar, oxidative, or made into rancio dry and sweet styles.

That trip ended with my concluding Roussillon white wines are magically bright and refreshing, thought provoking and complex, and just plain enjoyable to drink!

Below let me introduce you to three smaller wineries shown above that I’ve met since 2019. Note more specific information about the region can be found in my previoius articles here and here. And lots more from the #winophiles at the bottom of this post. Finally, the wines were provided as samples, no compensation was received and all thoughts are my own.

Domaine Rière Cadène  

Domaine Riere Cadene Roussillon

Guillem, Jean-François and Laurence deep in discussion mode in one of their vineyards.

The original vineyards of the domaine go back to 1904 when Laurence and Jean-François Rière’s great grandfather purchased the land. With careers in horticulture, the two switched back to viticulture and assumed responsibility of the family vineyards in the early 90s. Their nephew Guillem (on the left) joined them in 2005 and now they produce about 100,000 bottles annually.

They have 30 hectares so not all vineyard work is done by hand but as much as possible, and in a sustainable fashion, meaning no herbicides or pesticides and instead encouraging insects and microorganisms. They are organic certified but do more including inter-row seedling of fava beans, clover, fescue and more. Because their vines are amid the garrigue the biodiversity is very rich. Here’s what they say:

“We create a fragile but effective harmony between the vine and its surroundings, allowing beneficial insects and microorganisms to get on with the job, because they do it much better than us. Our vineyards teem with precious life.”

Guillem shared they are an artisan family winery who adapts their processes and choices favoring nature and never applying a recipe. They always look to improve to “reveal the taste of their four terroirs”.

hoopoe bird domaine riere cadene cotes catalans languedoc roussillonWhat’s especially interesting about the property are the migrating Hoopoe birds. In March, hoopoes nest in bushes and hedges on the estate. They require an extremely biodiverse environment, so the Domaine vineyards make the perfect home. They return each year after overwintering on the other side of the Mediterranean, their arrival a reminder of life humming amid the vines.

2019 Via Augusta – AOP Côtes du Roussillon Blanc

languedoc roussillon blanc domaine riere cadeneGrapes for this wine are a field blend of eighty-year-old Macabeu (50%), Grenache Blanc (20%) and Vermentino (30%) planted on black schist soil in the Agly Valley. Just 6,000 bottles are made each year.

Tasting Notes: Pronounced lemon, nectarine, peach, sweet pea floral and wet stone aromas. The palate is dry with refreshing acidity and more citrus (white grapefruit), crushed stones, salinity and thyme. The finish is long and citrusy with a good deal of salinity making me think of a splash of sea breeze. A super balanced wine, all components well integrated.

Find Domaine Rière Cadène wines in the US through Terrisson Wines and Fruit of the Vine, Inc.

Domaine Vial-Magneres

The vineyard where Le Petit Couscouril comes from overlooking the Mediterranean Ocean. A hard to turn down view!

The fourth generation of the Saperas family grows ten hectares (22 acres), ninety percent of which are old vine Grenache varieties (Grenache Noir, Gris and Blanc) in Banyuls sur Mer. A small amount of Carignan and Syrah compliments their line. All vineyard work is done by hand.

This area is called Vermeille Coast, or Côte Vermeille in French. But it’s not French, nor is it Spanish. It’s Catalan.

I had a conversation with Olivier Saperas who shared Covid has been particularly difficult for them. Forty percent of his production is export; forty percent restaurants in France and the remaining twenty percent sold to Banyuls winery visitors. All three were pretty much squashed and loosening up is slow to happen. These difficulties are felt by many wineries world wide, it’s painful to hear and is particularly hard for smaller wineries.

2017 Petit Couscouril – AOC Collioure Blanc

languedoc roussillon collioure aoc

This steep, terraced vineyard of Grenache Blanc and Grenache Gris sits on the coast in the southern part of Roussillon in Banyuls sur Mer on grey schist soils. 2,500 bottles of this wine are made annually.

Domaine Vial-Magneres Collioure blanc roussillon languedoc

Tasting Notes:

Medium-intensity white floral notes, wet stones, Meyer lemon and light smokiness are rather delicate. The dry palate is expressive complex with flavors of citrus- lemon and white grapefruit-, wet stones, fresh garrigue, white pepper and salinity. Fresh, bright and vivacious with a lengthy finish, it paired beautifully with English pea, broccoli and parmesan risotto.

Find Domaine Vial-Magneres fortified wines through Peter Weygand.

Domaine Modat 

Louis and Quentin Modat enjoying a pose at WineParis.

Located in the Agly river valley near Perpignan, the domain is in the foothills of Mont Canigou. It’s a family business with father, sons and offspring all working but brothers Quentin and Louis mostly run the Modat operation. The domaine ceased herbicide use several years ago, was certified organic in 2014 and utilizes biodynamic principles.

2018 De Ci De Là – AOP Côtes du Roussillon Blanc

Domaine Modat Côtes de Roussillon blancHere we have a blend of both Grenache Gris (40%) and Blanc (40%), and Macabeu (20%) grown on granitic and gneissic sandy soils.

Tasting Notes: Pronounced aromas of floral (acacia), white grapefruit, green garrigue, fennel and a sour herbaceous note. A dry and pronounced palate that’s lemony fresh with grapefruit pith, white pepper and salinity. The medium-plus acidity is crisp, the finish lasting. Impressive balance, another super example of Roussillon blanc.

Find Domaine Modat wines through The Princess and the Bear.

A common theme I find in Roussillon dry white wines is a streak of minerality- wet and crushed stones, salinity, and crisp freshness. Each of these wines will be super for before dinner sipping or pair beautifully with grilled seafood, seafood platters, oysters, shrimp… you get the idea! Delighted to taste these wines and hope you can too.

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Rosemary George, MW on Roussillon:

“The white wines of Roussillon – they are a surprise; given the climatic conditions, you would not expect such individual white wines. With very rare exceptions, the international varieties do not have a place in Roussillon, so the best come from Grenache Gris, and to a lesser extent Grenache Blanc. Also Macabeo is important. There is a little Malvoisie de Roussillon, or Tourbat, but that has been somewhat ignored. Vermentino in a blend can work, and Roussanne and Marsanne. Old vines are important too. And the wines do age!”

Look for Rosemary’s book this fall, The Wines of Roussillon published by Infinite Ideas!

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  1. Camilla M. Mann

    Thanks for the great topic, Lynn! What a fun exploration. I always appreciate getting to do a directed dive into a new-to-me region. And, of course, getting recommendations and guidance from the other French Winophiles is a plus as well.

    1. Lynn Post author

      Ahhh, yes! It’s really neat that Domaine Riere Cadene is on the hoopoe flight path and that they’ve chosen to rest there befre moving on.

  2. Allison Wallace

    We’re saving this article as these all look like wines we’d enjoy. I’m not sure if we can get any of these here but the research has begun. So sorry we had to miss the chat portion this week, thank you for hosting/organizing this month!

    1. Lynn Post author

      I’ll do a little research to see if any of these are available in BC and let you know. Chat or not, so glad you joined the group!

  3. robincgc

    This journey into Roussillon that you have led us on has been truly wonderful and enlightening. I have learned so much about this region and now I just want to visit and taste more of the amazing varieties of wines.
    The Hoopoe birds are stunning. How great to be on the migratory path, and how amazing that this biodiverse environment allows them a stop on their route. This kind of agriculture is just better for the planet in so many ways.
    Lastly, I adore the thought of Dali toasting us!
    Thanks for a wonderful virtual visit. Can’t wait until we can meet up there in person!

    1. Lynn Post author

      Ahhh, thanks Robin! With you a million percent re the agriculture. It was a stretch to say that about Dali but you never know.

  4. Payal

    I love that the hoopoes nest at Domaine Rière Cadene! And I’ve really enjoyed reading about each of the wines you tried. Couldn’t agree more about minerality being the common feature in Roussillon wines.

    1. Lynn Post author

      Aren’t those Hoopoes interesting?!? It’s been an amazing month of Roussillon whites. Aside from the common feature, last night I tasted one that reminded me and three others of a Chardonnay. Lees aging and a bit of oak, go figure!

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      You’re lucky to have what seems to be forward thinking wine shops and importers in MN. Great to hear you’re inspired to visit Jeff!

    1. Lynn Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Martin, definitely had a nice time tasting these three and several more Roussillon white wines!

  6. Linda Whipple, CSW

    Super post, Lynn, and such an enlightening topic. I’m intrigued that the local culture, irrespective of national borders, is Catalan. And that Hoopoe bird is just icing on the proverbial cake. Many thanks!

    1. Lynn Post author

      Thanks Linda, those Hoopoes have gotten some air time. I’m glad you joined, I always learn from your articles!

  7. Lauren

    Your posts have a little bit of everything: traveling, wine, food, and a personal take on all that you see and taste. So wonderful right now, as we are unable to travel IRL; and also very helpful as I try to keep my head in the wine books. Cheers to having a glass of wine together soon! (And thanks for hosting this month – excellent topic.)

    1. Lynn Post author

      Finding that voice… I thoroughly enjoyed your article, you are a brilliant writer. Yes to that ‘verre’ together soon!

  8. Cindy Rynning

    What an incredible lineup of wines and photos, too! Thank you so much for hosting, Lynn – I’m so in love with this region that offers so many delicious, food friendly wines that are incredibly affordable. Cheers, my friend! Cindy

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      I am in love with Roussillon too Cindy! Such variety. A fun month, thanks for joining us!


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