Having Folks Over

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Once classes let out for the holidays, most of my classmates left town to go home.  But a few of us stayed around, and we had Gonzague (French) and Tasos (Greek) over for lunch one day.  Gonzague brought the baguettes and cheese (how French is that) and Tasos brought the fixings for (you guessed it) …a Greek salad!

For Christmas dinner we had Tasos over again and cracked open some sparkling wine we got from Carcassonne, and a red blend Tasos brought from the Lirac region.  Lynn whipped up some brazed rabbit over couscous and we finished with little lemon and raspberry tarts paired with a Sauternes wine.  Nobody suffered.

On both occasions …in addition to all the good wine and food… we ended up sitting around for like five hours enjoying good discussion and learning from each others experiences and perspectives.  This is one of the magic parts about being over here!


2 thoughts on “Having Folks Over

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