Les Grands Bordeaux Tasting

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Every year there is “Les Grands Bordeaux” tasting event at the palatial “Place de la Bourse”  here in Bordeaux.   It was the Saturday after our last day of classes for the year, so I was ready to enjoy some wine!  We met classmates there at 10am, and left six hours later.   Lynn and I focused mostly on Bordeaux, but I eventually wandered off and dabbled (for the first time really) in some Cognac (while Lynn headed to taste Champagne).  I spent 30 minutes at the Meukow & Co. booth, with a very informative guy who walked me through the appellation, production process, and different grades (VS, VSOP, XO, etc).  Strong stuff, but exquisite flavors.  A trip up to Cognac (only about 90 minutes north of Bordeaux) is on the list.

Thank goodness for spit buckets (…although some of the good stuff never got there)!


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