Northern Italian Chardonnay Delivers Big Taste – Vie di Romans Winery

Mark and I recently had a surprise tasting with my wine-loving brother, who pulled out this wine from Vie di Romans: Ciampagnis Chardonnay vintage 2021 from the Fruili Isonzo DOC. So impressed with it, I reached out to the winery for more information.

The Gallo Family, with winemaker Gianfranco Gallo (not the Californian Gallo empire), cultivate vines and produce wines in the Isonzo valley in Friuli Venezia Giulia going back to the beginning of the 1900s. The fourth generation now runs this small to medium-sized family business.

They farm 68 ha (168 acres) working most manually and producing an annual total of roughly 300,000 bottles near the town of Mariano del Friuli. The Adriatic is roughly 20 km south, and the foothills of the Alps about 30 km to the north.

The ‘man-nature relationship’ is important; they don’t use chemicals and reduced the use of copper (approved for organic farming) to combat powdery and downy mildew due to its toxic and lasting effect on soil micro-organisms.

They continually carry out physio-chemical and biomass level analysis to evaluate and understand the impact of their viticultural practices on soil life.

Tasting Experience

We tasted high aromatics and flavors in our glasses: orchard blossoms, chamomile, stone fruit (apricot), a tinge of orange citrus. The creamy round texture isn’t shy of acidity, nor the lingering finish with a saline type minerality. In fact, the wine’s acidity delivers brightness in every sip, as well as richness and impeccable balance. Quite nice!

As far as winemaking, fermentation and aging are in stainless steel vats (tanks) with 9-months sûr lie then 8-months bottle aging.

Pairing Ideas

Retailing for around $32, this is a win for anyone looking for a new wine to sip. It paired nicely with non-spicy Thai food, and I can imagine it with:

  • seafood, grilled or with citrus or herby cream sauces
  • vegetable dishes, sautéed or roasted
  • how about spinach and ricotta ravioli in olive oil lemon sauce!

Cool Fact

They added more panels to an existing solar panel installation, which allows them to apply for “4.0”, a series of tenders and incentives for technological improvement both on the agriculture and production side.

Vie di Romans website

US Importer – Vias Wines

A special thank you to Matteo Gallo for engaging and answering my questions!

9 thoughts on “Northern Italian Chardonnay Delivers Big Taste – Vie di Romans Winery

  1. john

    Nothing better than trying new wines, new regions, new flavor characteristics and branching out from the norm. There are just too many amazing styles out there, so go explore! Oh, this Italian Chard was scrumptious!


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