A Northern Italian Coastal Town

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It’s great to have friends who do some of the work for you when traveling. It can take hours, even days searching for the spot, the wow place. Then finally an “Ah yes, that’s it”. That’s how we bumped into Camogli.

IMG_4946This little town lies on a strip of rocky coastline south of Genoa and north of Portofino (and the busy Cinque Terre). It’s a place to go when relaxation is in order, when museum exploration and sight seeing isn’t a priority. Camogli, pronounced “cam-oh-lee”, is a fishing village of sorts with a very small main shopping area located near the train station, bus stop and tourist office for convenience. A few blocks down you’ll find an excellent hole in the wall for coffee, espresso, etc. And it’s a few blocks up from the coastal promenade where you’ll gasp when turning the corner to saunter this other part of Camogli.

While some may consider the town’s steepness a con, for us it meant blood flowing, energy expulsion, and another helping of risotto gorgonzola. This is, after all, a coastal town set among the cliffs. The con is actually a bonus- keeps many people away!

We were lucky, our HomeAway rental wasn’t too far a hike from the train station. A tremendous help was our hosts gathering and transporting us to their flat. It was a direct 10 minutes down to get to the water front from the flat and 15 to get back up (20 25 after a few glasses of wine).

Our number one priority was catching up and spending time with our friends Mary and Dennis, IMG_4918who by the way scored big, securing a rental apartment on the coastal promenade looking out onto the harbor. (Full kitchen, gas stove- need I say more?!?)


The view from Dennis and Mary’s window.

Such a great time cooking together! Dennis whipped up some pasta that was made that day from the shop down the street.


“Trofie” pasta with pesto, a Ligurian specialty



The gals catching a glimpse…


…and the guys having fun.

Nice wines were consumed during our visit, including a Soave Classico Superior (you can find more info about Soave here), and Prosecco, always festive! IMG_4971







If the rental apartment we stayed at peaks your interest, click here. Called Blu Dicamogli, it was a great spot, good price, very gracious hosts, and had an amazing view. (And the internet worked!)

Questions about visiting Camogli? Give us a shout. Ciao!

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