Seafood and Chardonnay: Bodega Otazu at Cadaqués Madrid

Bodega Otazu’s Otazu continues to be the northernmost ‘Pago’ in Spain, producing a few single-estate ‘cru’ wines of outstanding quality in addition to D.O. Navarra wines. Their actual location is just outside the Denomination of Origin, 8 kilometers from Pamplona. (See update about the northernmost pago at the bottom.)

While not a ‘pago‘, this wine – Ozu Chardonnay by Otazu, 2023 – is quite aromatic for being so young. I appreciated it didn’t touch oak but spent time on the lees, stirring them on and off for three months before bottling. Plenty of lemon, ripe peach, and subtle hints of walking through a field of grass sprinkled with aniseed. A crescendo of freshness once in my mouth gave way to plenty of volume, bright acidity and that peach again! A fairly weighty palate feel I welcomed with my grilled monkfish.

Sustainable Winery Highlights

I knew of Bodega Otazu but was not familiar with all they do and how they operate. Happily, I came to find they reduced their carbon footprint by 50% due to renewable energy use and sustainable practices in the vineyard.

Especially pleasing, because they ship all over the world, is their use of lighter bottles; the weight was reduced by 26% per bottle! According to their website, which offers a great deal of information about their sustainability undertakings, “The reduction of this glass means using less raw materials, consuming less energy, reducing CO2 emissions and, therefore, mitigating the carbon footprint”.

That is a win! When I pick up a bottle that is heavier, and shipped from another country, it makes me cringe, and put the bottle back!

Mini Restaurant Review

Our experience at Cadaqués Madrid was exceptional.

Restaurante Cadeques Madrid

The company has two restaurants, this one in Madrid and one in Barcelona. Both are centered around seafood. The wine list in Madrid was like a small book. Needless to say, I spent some time with it!

The staff was extremely professional yet personable. We felt quite comfortable and our palates more than satiated. A definite repeat lunch is in store when we head back to Madrid. I leave you with a few dishes we enjoyed sipping Ozu Chardonnay. Click on any photo for a larger view.

My conclusion? Restaurante Cadaqués is a solid choice for anyone wanting an excellent meal at an affordable price. Their wine list has something for everyone, and every price range. For those wanting white wine, I highly recommend Ozu Chardonnay. If you want more complexity, choose Bodega Otazu’s Pago de Otazu Chardonnay.

Update! I was corrected on a social channel by Adrian McManus, founder of Northwest Iberian Wine Tours. He definitely knows about Spanish wine, especially those from Green Spain; he lives in Galicia. According to McManus, the northernmost pago (parcela) is in Esmelle in Galicia planted with the Branco Lexítimo grape. The pago is owned by Bodegas El Paraguas.

A! votre santé !

10 thoughts on “Seafood and Chardonnay: Bodega Otazu at Cadaqués Madrid

  1. robincgc

    The wine and the restaurant sound like they blended for an amazing experience. I hope one day to visit Madrid. I have a dear friend from there, and I have yet to visit Spain. Bucket list plans!

    1. Lynn Post author

      Oh yes, those bucket list items. Hope you get there, and hope you give us a shout so we can meet you!

  2. john

    Love learning about sustainability and wineries who practice this. And to create something scrumptious like this is worth searching for. May be time to get over to Spain’s northernmost Pago!

  3. Lori

    Big fan of this wine and winery. I was pleasantly surprised to see so much quality Chardonnay come out of Navarro.

    1. Lynn Post author

      As am I Lori. Will definitely plan a future visit to taste their pago Chard and others. I’ll be IDing others producing Chard there too. Let’s meet up there!

  4. Eileen

    Both the restaurant and wine sound amazing! Now on my list for a hopeful future trip to Madrid, thank you!


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