Vinexpo Bordeaux 2017

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vinexpo bordeaux 2017Vinexpo is coming to Bordeaux July 18 through the 21st of June.

So what is it and what’s it about? Here’s a quick read with a fun video at the end.

Vinexpo is:

  • an international brand established in 1981
  • specializes in major event and exhibition development in the wine and spirits sector, organized by and for people in the trade
  • brings proven expertise as a business facilitator, connecting industry insiders to boost sales and stimulate the market
  • reflects on trends to anticipate new markets
  • in Bordeaux, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and New York
  • rolling out a new concept called Vinexpo Explorer (see below for details)

Vinexpo commissions:

  • Studies on industry-specific issues (analysis of world wine and spirits consumption, production and trade trends, as well as a five-year forecast, up to 2020 in the newest study)
  • Study findings* are presented in conferences around the world before each exhibition

The Event

Vinexpo takes place over 4 days, has about 2,350 exhibitors from 45 countries, sees an average of 48,000 visitors, and conducts 80 talks and tastings. There is a wide range of talks from climate issues to exporting wines, digital wine tech services to growing your business through social media. The tastings include any and everything you can think of from the majority of wine producing countries.

This year has a new exhibition- WOW! (World of Organic Wine) featuring an area dedicated to organic and biodynamic wines, hosting 200 producers. There will be talks and round-table meetings themed around organic viticulture. Along with this theme, the all-organic WOW! restaurant will debut.


At each exhibition, the wines of one country are honored. Spain and it’s wines will be highlighted at Vinexpo Bordeaux.

Reading up on the event, and tapping into industry people in Bordeaux, they say Vinexpo is where things happen! It’s about learning, networking and making contacts. While the event is not open to the public, there are a few public tastings.

Some of you may have heard of Chilean winegrower Erruzuriz they are celebrating their 145th anniversary at Vinexpo Bordeaux!

Here’s an energetic video of what goes on at Vinexpo from the talented musician Randy Resnick.

For more information about Vinexpo Bordeaux, visit their website here.

Vinexpo Explorer

This exciting concept is a newer addition to the Vinexpo portfolio. This is a touring event spotlighting a specific country or region. About 100 key international buyers are invited on a two-day trip to discover a wine region whose reputation has not yet caught up with the potential of its wines. The concept is designed to generate business.

*Studies are completed for Vinexpo by the IWSR consultancy (International Wine and Spirit Research).

6 thoughts on “Vinexpo Bordeaux 2017

    1. Lynn Post author

      You should go if you can John! Not only will it be fun (and actually work too), a great learning and networking opportunity. Cheers from Bordeaux~~!

  1. Martha

    It’d be fun if the main event was open to the public. The three tastings sound pretty darn good. I imagine attending each of them would result in a lot of tasting too. Hum…maybe I’ll have to plan to attend in 2018!

    1. Lynn Post author

      Hi Martha, The three tastings can certainly fill you up with wine 😉

      Vinexpo comes to Bordeaux every other year, thus will next be here in 2019. Mark your calendar!


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