We’re Off!

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From all our family, to friends new and old, to work colleagues, and even total strangers, we are very thankful to those who helped us prepare for this adventure.  Whether it was direct help, or just your friendship and support, we wouldn’t be where we are today without you.   We’re definitely off to a great start, thanks to you!

The big changes, challenges and joys along the way included:

  • buying and fixing up a new house in a new town
  • selling the old house
  • decide what to do with the new house
  • putting everything in storage and renting the new house
  • dealing with the French consulate
  • international banking, insurance, mail forwarding
  • quit our jobs
  • selling our cars
  • school enrollment paperwork
  • did we mention dealing with the French consulate?
  • visit as many friends and family as possible (including associated eating and drinking)
  • buy luggage and clothes
  • pack luggage, weigh luggage, return clothes, repack luggage
  • doctor appointments
  • daily planning sessions and sanity checks

But we did it!  The bags are packed, we’re taking a deep breath, and jumping in!

It all fits ...now let's get outta here!

It all fits …now let’s get outta here!

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